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Oregon CCB

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I enjoyed your classes. They were all in the same area, covered the subject matter and were professional. Been building for 33 years and I still learned a lot from these classes.
Larry Johnson
Great Event! I found the course Instructors very knowledgeable and was excited to put some of their suggestions and ideas to work in my business.
JLC LIVE Attendee
I was very impressed with this year's show. The quality of the seminars was outstanding. Great presenters who interacted wonderfully with the crowd. I look forward to the next JLC Live event. Thanks again.
JLC LIVE Attendee
Well worth the time and effort to attend. The knowledge gained will more than pay for the cost of the event, plus I had a great time.
Andy Louden
Having lunch with Paul Winans, he helped me to get started when I first got my license in CA. Was great to reconnect with him, went to two of his seminars and I will be getting coaching from him. It was a great conference for me, work has been picking up and it made me feel proud to be among so many of my peers!
JLC LIVE Attendee
JLC LIVE Northwest offered many diverse presenters and product displays. I would like to highlight a couple of the real "stand-outs". Specifically, Michael Stone was one of the best and most informative speakers, who really had a passion for each topic he presented. Glenn Mathews ...
JLC Attendee